Wifi Webcams

If you are a fan of our FB page, you may have already seen this, but…

We’re looking for some used WiFi webcams to broadcast what we are doing in the calf barn and in the milking parlor.

Do you have a WiFi webcam that you’re not using? Our calving season starts after Sept. 8th (and continues through Jan). We would like to be able to put a few cams up and broadcast the stream for folks to observe their progress (feeding, playing, bonding, etc..).

The world-wide community has given us so much and we’d like to be able to show what has been created.

With us still running on a tight budget (we still owe on the calf-barn), we don’t feel that the spending for educational purposes is something we can do right now… but if there is a webcam or two out there that folks are not using, we’d be more than happy to put it/them to use.

The quality of the cam is not important. If it works, it is good enough.

We want to be able to put some live-streams out their for folks to enjoy and ask questions about.

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