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Housing For The Future

Carol and I just picked up this “gem”.  It was a good deal and should it no longer meet it’s primary purpose for our farm, we have already discussed it’s fate for later years. The operation of our dairy is pretty transparent… if you want to know something, just ask us.  Educating others about how […]

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Prairies Edge Organic Dairy

10 hours 9 minutes ago

Three bucketfuls of forage corn silage in the morning, for the milk-cows... and three more in the evening. It sure brings up the butterfat - we're now at approx.5.5%.

It seems as though it's dark at both feeding times.

Prairies Edge Organic Dairy

14 hours 41 minutes ago

Turkey processing day 1... just a few pin-feathers remain.

#smallfarmlife #turkeyday #thanksgiving #homegrown #freerangeturkey

Prairies Edge Organic Dairy

1 day 16 hours ago

We made a 2 hour trip to pick up these 2 heifers, their mommas and a bred heifer today.

#smallfarmlife #newcows #organicdairy #jerseylove #jerseycalves

Prairies Edge Organic Dairy

1 day 20 hours ago

We lost a highland cow earlier this year. Iwas able to sell her head. The gal who purchased it had it professionally cleaned by MELBY Outdoors in Spicer, MN. I think it turned out just beautiful. What a fanstastic job they did.

#smallfarmlife #highlandskulls #scottishhighlands @ Prairies Edge Organic Dairy


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