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Housing For The Future

Carol and I just picked up this “gem”.  It was a good deal and should it no longer meet it’s primary purpose for our farm, we have already discussed it’s fate for later years. The operation of our dairy is pretty transparent… if you want to know something, just ask us.  Educating others about how […]

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Prairies Edge Organic Dairy

7 hours 31 minutes ago

I see you Larkspur...hiding behind Matilda.

Prairies Edge Organic Dairy

1 day 8 hours ago

My girls and I watching the beautiful sunrise this morning from the backside of the barn.

Prairies Edge Organic Dairy

2 days 20 hours ago

I gave another tour of our farm today. I met Suzanne online through a facebook ag group. She and 3 friends came out to visit today to learn a bit more about how we dairy. First thing she did, after exiting her vehicle, was hand me this Jersey metal art piece. Oh my, I so love it!! She made it herself. Suzanne is a very talented welder.

After checking out our cows we moved to the calf barn where, as you can see, our calves got plenty of love from Suzanne. I'm pretty sure if she could have stuffed one in her coat, we'd be short a calf right now. HA!

It's always fun to have visitors at the farm. I surely hope Suzanne will be back soon.

Prairies Edge Organic Dairy

6 days 21 hours ago

Everyone knows how much we love our Moocall Calving Sensors (we have two) - it's no secret that these are real calf savors for us - we winter calve.

Here's your chance to try a Moocall Calving Sensor - Try before you buy!

Would you like to use a Moocall Calving Sensor for Free for 21 days?



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