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Housing For The Future

Carol and I just picked up this “gem”.  It was a good deal and should it no longer meet it’s primary purpose for our farm, we have already discussed it’s fate for later years. The operation of our dairy is pretty transparent… if you want to know something, just ask us.  Educating others about how […]

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Prairies Edge Organic Dairy

15 hours 4 minutes ago

Yesterday's heifer all dry and clean. She is a Jersey/Highland cross and simply adorable!

#smallfarmlife #heifercalf #supposetobejersey

Prairies Edge Organic Dairy

1 day 14 hours ago

It's a heifer for Wisteria. It appears that Wisteria didn't care for the AI with Jersey semen and found herself a Highland bull instead.

Oh Wisteria!! I was so hoping for a Jersey heifer from you. She is a cutie though.

#smallfarmlife #organicmilk #pasturedcows #jerseylove

Prairies Edge Organic Dairy

2 days 10 hours ago

I mentioned earlier that Faith is the biggest/tallest cow in our herd. Here she is in the barn tonight. You can see how much taller she is than the Jerseys next to her. She is doing well and just needs to put on some weight after carrying her twins to term.

#smallfarmlife #dairycowlove #organicmilk

Prairies Edge Organic Dairy

3 days 9 hours ago

Anyone see the sunset tonight? It was gorgeous. My picture doesn't do it justice.

#smallfarmlife #enjoythesmallthings #minnesotasunsets #lovinglife


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