Raw & Certified Organic


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Pennock Minnesota
(10 minutes west of Willmar)
  OPEN  7 Days/week
10:30 AM – 4:00 PM

We have available now!  Creamy fresh whole milk, skim milk & farm-fresh cream.
Through our new herd-share program, as a service to you… we can make raw butter, ghee, cheese curds, sour cream & cream cheese from your milk & cream.  Just pay us a little bit for our labor and it’s yours.

Contact Carol (call/text) 320.220.3235.

Some of our customers believed once they were lactose intolerant, when in fact, many are simply processed-milk sensitive – either their body doesn’t like the homogenization or the pasteurization.

For those of you who cannot drink cow milk at all, regardless of the source, we have wonderful goatmilk available as well… and it’s good stuff too.

Get our easy to make recipes