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We love our customers and it seems, our customers love us back.

We love receiving feedback about our service and our raw milk products (whole milk, cream & skim milk), or grass-fed beef, soy-free pork, and breads.

Here’s some of the latest texts/messages from our customers –

I wish I would have gotten my families reaction to trying your butter!
My kids’ eyes lit up and said to “tell Carol she makes the best butter in the whole world!” My husband even said ohhh!! This butter is really good!!

Kim S., Raymond, MN

The butter is almost gone.. Need more!!  It is really good!!
Alina, Kerkhoven, MN

The butter was amazing!!
Kelsey, Willmar, MN

This tastes just like the specialty butter in Cash Wise.
Jamie, Kerkhoven, MN

The best milk ever!!  Store milk can’t even compare to the benefits of your high quality raw milk ☺️
Alecs, New London, MN

The cream is so good.
Kelsey, Willmar, MN

Hi Carol! I just have to tell you that I’m loving this milk.
I was a little nervous at first about my stomach handling it but have had no problems and now that I’ve been drinking it I’m finding I crave it.
Candi, Sunburg, MN


I put cream on my oatmeal this morning. It was more like dessert …
Theresa, Kerkhoven, MN

Get our easy to make stew recipe