Raw & Natural

Q & A

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Common Questions

Q: Is selling raw whole milk, skim milk & cream legal in MN?

A: Yes it is.  The Minnesota State Constitution guarantees it.  We can also sell raw cream and skim milk… and we do.  To read it for yourself, you can read it here: http://farmtoconsumer.org/RMN-MN.htm, on the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund website.

Q: How do I purchase raw milk from your farm?

A: Minnesota State Law dictates that the milk needs to be purchased at the farm.  The purchaser must bring their own containers. And… the farmer cannot require you to purchase milk on a regular schedule (weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly, etc…).

We collect our milk as ordered, so you need to call ahead – at least 24 hrs in advance.

Q: What else do you sell?

A: We sell 100% grass-fed/grass-finished Scottish Highland Premium ground beef, soy-free pork and if requested, Carol will bake fresh her artisan style, pickle bread.

Seasonally, we have goat milk for sale Feb. – Sept.

Q: How long does raw milk keep?

A: 10-14 days on average.  The fewer times you open your container of milk, the longer it seems to last.

Q: Can you freeze raw milk?

A:  Yes you can.  If you use frozen milk for baking or cooking, it’s all good.  The fats in frozen milk has a tendency to clump.  When thawed, it does not have the consistency of fresh milk.

There is a method of freezing milk, that, when thawed, gives you a much smoother end product.  By adding baking soda (approx. ½ tsp/gal), mixed until dissolved, keeps the fats from clinging to each other, when going through the freezing process.

Q: Can I make butter with raw cream?

A: Yes you can.  It’s quite a simple process.  You can make it with a variety of counter-top appliances, such as a bender, food processor, manual butter churn or electric butter churn.