Raw & Natural

All Natural Cow Manure Compost

We are very excited, this year, to be able to offer all natural compost. Our pricing is $2-4 cheaper than commercially available organic compost.

$4.50/cu ft.

(cash or Venmo)

We have found that most commercial retail all natural compost is selling for $6-7 per cubic foot.  That seems a little much to us.  Our cows are fed organic, non-GMO feeds and are bedded down in organic straw.  Our pastures are never sprayed or seeded with non-organic grasses.  We purchase our organic crop seed from Falk Seeds of Murdock MN.

We sell our compost by the cubic foot (not weight), due to moisture content.  As the compost is stored outdoors, it can absorb moisture or dry as weather conditions in Minnesota varies day to day, week to week.

By the pail or sack –

A 5 gallon pail is approx. .66 cu ft.  – $3
A 50 lb feed sack is approx. 1 cu ft – $4.50

By the pickup load –

Short bed (5.5′): 50-53 cu ft – $175 ($3.50/cu ft) – Save $50
Regular bed (6.5′): 60-63 cu ft – $199 ($3.33/cu ft) – Save $70.20
Long bed (8′): 75-80 cu ft – $225 ($3/cu ft) – Save $112.50