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Milk Shares

Milk Shares


Contact Carol for details or to be put on a list for updates.

We will be offering ½ gal, 1 gal & 2 gals per week herdshare packages or x4 monthly (example: 2 gals/week = 8 gals per 28 days).  You can pichup weekly, every 2 weeks or monthly.

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We are working with the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund on providing herdshare/milkshare agreements to those interested.  The purchase of a herdshare would make you a part owner of a cow, herd or the milk produced.

In doing so, we should be able to have drop-sites for your convenience.  We believe it would allow us, as a custom service, to make your share of the milk into butter, cottage cheese, cheese curds and perhaps whey protien powder… if that’s something you want.

And yes… it is illegal to advertise the selling of raw milk, but it is not illegal to advertize the availablity of herdshares/milkshares, which gives you accesss to raw milk..


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