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Farm Update – November 17th

The Small Dairy Podcast
The Small Dairy Podcast
Farm Update – November 17th

In this episode, Carol is back with another on the farm update November 17th

  • 2nd week news
  • Milky butter churn is ordered from
    • is offering a 5% discount to use on their website.  Use the promo code “podcast” at checkout.
  • We’ll soon be able to offer fresh, raw milk butter
  • Bedding pack chores
  • Calving pens for calving
  • Emma’s calf is coming
  • Blossom’s calf is good
  • We did dehorning/disbudding
  • Dog doors closed up on the calf barn
  • When will Mistletoe calf? December?
  • Milk sales are growing
  • We love meeting new folks

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