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Springtime Chronicles: Updates, Calves, and Potential Raw-Milk Dropsites

WEBSITE: Prairies Edge Organic Dairy

In this podcast episode, Carol discusses the current happenings on her farm during springtime. She mentions the arrival of warmer weather, the growth of spring grass, and the excitement of her cows being able to graze on fresh grass instead of dry hay. She observes that the cows’ poop has turned green, indicating their diet change and increased milk production.

Carol provides an update on the farm’s bulk tank, which has been operational for nearly a week. She explains that they are still adjusting to the process of emptying and cleaning the tank every other day, as well as determining what to do with the excess milk. Despite some minor challenges, she expresses satisfaction with the purchase as it saves time in the milking parlor and kitchen.

The episode also highlights the arrival of two new calves one named Clover and an un-named [for now] bullcalf. Carol shares her surprise at how much they resemble Jersey calves despite having a limited Jersey lineage. She contemplates whether to sell Shasta, considering her high milk production and her ability to provide a significant amount of colostrum.

A vet visit is mentioned regarding a cow named Holly who has an injured hoof. Carol had been treating it with essential oils and homeopathic remedies, and the vet confirms that her approach is working but slower than using antibiotics. The vet cleans the affected area, allowing proper drainage, and they continue with Epson salt soaks, essential oils, and homeopathic treatments.

Carol then discusses her farm’s plans to implement herd shares and establish drop sites. She mentions working with the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund to develop contracts and determine the feasibility of drop sites. She intends to start with a drop site in Willmar, MN and encourages interested individuals outside the area to contact her to explore options closer to their location. She emphasizes the need for a minimum volume of milk to make the effort worthwhile.

Overall, Carol expresses excitement about the positive response received regarding herd shares and drop sites and promises to keep her audience updated on the progress. She concludes the episode by mentioning the busy nature of springtime on the farm and her commitment to providing regular updates.

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