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The Calf Wouldn’t Poop

The Small Dairy Podcast
The Small Dairy Podcast
The Calf Wouldn't Poop

In this episode, Carol is back in the calf barn talking about how to care for a chilled newborn calf

  • Chilled calf care
  • Blossom calved
  • Dealing with a chilled calf
  • The calf warmer
  • Her temp was 91.7ºF
  • In the warmer from 6pm-midnight
  • Tubing a calf
  • Cold calves, sheep, goats can’t digest
  • Cold calves won’t nurse
  • The heifer is now in the barn
  • Awesome weather – 70ºF
  • Newborn calves sleep allot
  • Giving a calf an enema
  • Bowels are moving
  • Rose, Blossom, Thistle and now who?
  • We need a name of our new heifer

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