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The Death Of A Calf

The Small Dairy Podcast
The Small Dairy Podcast
The Death Of A Calf

It was a particularly tough week.  We lost a calf to bloat.  We had never run across that before… and it happened so fast.  I ran to the barn for the remedy.  By the time I got back to he, she was at her last breaths.  I apologize for crying while doing the podcast.

Topics discussed in what we are calling ‘The Jersey Journal’.  These are some of the latest farm updates.

  • Winter is coming
  • Herd update
  • Talking about mastitis
  • Sad barn news – we lost a baby (you may cry when you hear this)
  • We have a new bull calf
  • We made homemade cheese… and the cat ate it
  • We still have plenty of raw milk for to try for free

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