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Welcome to Prairie’s Edge Organic Dairy

The Small Dairy Podcast
The Small Dairy Podcast
Welcome to Prairie's Edge Organic Dairy

Welcome to the Prairie’s Edge Farm website & podcast.

If you would like to try some certified organic whole raw milk, farm fresh cream or skim milk, be sure to check out our website’s contact page for contact information. Don’t forget, we also sell grass-fed grass-finished Highland beef and soy-free pork. We will have raw goat milk after March 1st.

Do you want to learn about the differences between a raw milk dairy and a regular dairy?

Not all dairies are the same. In fact, there are some big differences between our small organic dairy, where we milk for human consumption and an organic dairy who sells milk to a commercial creamery, but also sells raw milk. In most cases, when a farmer knows his milk is going to be pasteurized, he isn’t nearly as careful as a farmer who only sells directly to people. Before buying raw milk products from anyone, be sure to ask questions. It’s always best to get to know your farmer. Get a good feel for them. Establish a trusting relationship.

You can trust Prairie’s Edge Organic Dairy to provide you and your family the best raw dairy in the region.

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