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Highlander Surprise

In this episode, Carol discovers a new calf.  She’s out in the winter Highland (beef) herd paddock when she takes out her phone and starts recording. Sapphire has a new bull calf… he’s gorgeous.

Farm Update – November 8th

In this episode, Carol is back with another on the farm update November 8th Midweek news Aussie Shepherd/Corgi babies Friday heifer calf from Blossom (the cow) Calf warmer Calf care Check out our Facebook page (new pics) Calf born on Saturday Reviewing calf barn history Butter making… How it’s done Shake, shake, shake Butter tastes

The Calf Wouldn’t Poop

In this episode, Carol is back in the calf barn talking about how to care for a chilled newborn calf Chilled calf care Blossom calved Dealing with a chilled calf The calf warmer Her temp was 91.7ºF In the warmer from 6pm-midnight Tubing a calf Cold calves, sheep, goats can’t digest Cold calves won’t nurse

How We Raise Our Calves

We're in the barn today, explaining how and why we do some of the things we do, with regards to raising calves.