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Prairies Edge Raw Milk Dairy’s Intention to Make Whey Protein Powder: A Sustainable Promise

DISCLAIMER: Whey protien powder is not something we can legally sell, currently.  We may, however, be able to offer the making of it (as a custom service) to herdshare owners.  We are working on writing a herdshare agreement for those interested in participating.  This would be similar to a CSA arragement.

Hey there! We have some exciting news straight from the heart of our farm at Prairies Edge Organic Dairy. We’re thrilled to share our intention of producing organic whey protein powder right here on our farm, using our trusty freeze dryer. And guess what? This exceptional powder comes from the whey we collect when we make our delicious cheese. In this blog post, we’ll take you behind the scenes and unveil the wonders of our farm-to-powder journey, creating organic whey protein that’s as wholesome as it gets.

We are continously looking at ways to better use our raw milk and dairy products.  We’re proud to be able to do this.


As many of you know, we have been making lots of cheese.  So, rather than just feeding the liquid cheese whey to the hogs and chickens, we thought we should look into the process of making whey protien powder.

Whey powder is terribly expensive.  That is one reason we do not use it in daughter Chastiti’s diet.  Instead, I have used deydrated peanut butter (powder).  It’s $0.70/oz. (about $11/lb).  Whey powder is usually $1.00-1.40/oz).

We have the whey and we have the feeze dryer.  Our thought is… why not make whey protien powder. If you’re curious about the journey of organic whey protein powder from farm to container, this blog post will guide you through the process of creating organic whey protein powder, highlighting the sustainable practices we will employ, via our feeze dryer.

The Story Behind Our Organic Whey Protein Powder:

Imagine a small farm where happy cows graze on lush organic pastures, producing milk that is the heart and soul of our farm’s cheese making. But what happens to the liquid whey that remains after we’ve carefully separated the curds for cheese-making? Well, we’re here to tell you that we’ve found a remarkable purpose for it – crafting organic whey protein powder.

Unleashing the Power of Freeze Drying:

So, how exactly does liquid whey become a fantastic protein powder? Enter our freeze dryer, our secret weapon in preserving the goodness of our organic whey. We carefully collect the liquid whey and subject it to a freezing process, creating icy crystals that lock in all the essential nutrients. Then, through the magic of sublimation, we remove the frozen water, leaving behind pure, concentrated whey protein powder that’s bursting with goodness.

Organic Goodness Straight from Our Farm:

One of the things we’re incredibly proud of is our commitment to organic farming practices. Our cows enjoy a life of freedom on our organic pastures, munching on pesticide-free grass, and living with nature. That means the milk they produce, and subsequently the whey, is the epitome of organic goodness. When usinge our organic whey protein powder, we’ll be making a conscious decision to prioritize your health and the well-being of the planet.

The Benefits of Our Organic Whey Protein Powder:

  1. A Powerhouse of Nutrients: Our organic whey protein powder will be a nutrient-dense powerhouse. Packed with essential amino acids, it provides the building blocks a body needs for muscle repair, recovery, and overall well-being. It’s the perfect addition to a fitness routine or a convenient way to boost protein intake.
  2. Clean and Chemical-Free: By opting for organic whey protein powder, we’re choosing a product that’s free from synthetic additives, pesticides, antibiotics, and growth hormones. We believe in keeping it pure and natural, so one can enjoy a protein powder that’s as clean as the fresh air on our farm.
  3. Sustainable Farming at Its Best: At Prairies Edge Organic Dairy, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. By repurposing our whey into protein powder, we’re minimizing waste and maximizing the resources we have. It’s our small way of contributing to a greener future and preserving the beauty of our environment.

Why is Freeze-dried Whey Powder Better than Spray-dried?

When it comes to whey protein powder, the method of drying can impact its nutritional composition and potential health benefits. Two common methods of drying whey protein are freeze-drying and spray-drying. Let’s compare the health benefits of freeze-dried whey powder versus spray-dried whey powder:

Freeze-Dried Whey Powder:

Retains Nutrient Integrity: Freeze-drying is a gentle process that helps preserve the natural nutritional profile of whey protein. It involves freezing the liquid whey and then removing the water through sublimation, resulting in a dry powder. This method helps retain the essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and bioactive compounds found in whey protein.

High Bioavailability: Freeze-dried whey powder maintains a high level of protein bioavailability. This means that the protein is easily digested and absorbed by the body, allowing for efficient utilization of amino acids to support muscle growth, repair, and recovery.

Minimal Damage to Protein Structure: Freeze-drying minimizes the denaturation or structural damage of whey proteins, ensuring that they remain intact. This preservation of protein structure contributes to the overall effectiveness of the protein powder in promoting muscle synthesis and supporting immune function.

Spray-Dried Whey Powder:

Cost-Effective Production: Spray-drying is a commonly used method due to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It involves spraying the liquid whey into a hot chamber, causing the water to evaporate rapidly and leaving behind dry whey powder.

It’s important to note that both freeze-dried and spray-dried whey protein powders can provide essential amino acids and support muscle growth and recovery. However, the freeze-drying process tends to better preserve the natural nutritional properties of whey protein, including its bioavailability and structural integrity.

While spray-dried whey powder may offer convenience and versatility, freeze-dried whey powder is often preferred for its retention of nutrient integrity and higher bioavailability. Choosing a high-quality whey protein powder, regardless of the drying method, can help you meet your protein needs and support your overall health and fitness goals.


Our farm-to-powder journey is all about bringing forrth the best in organic whey protein. From our happy cows grazing on organic pastures to the cutting-edge freeze drying process, we will take pride in every step of the way. So, when choosing our organic whey protein powder, we’re not just fueling our bodies with nourishment – we’re supporting sustainable farming, embracing organic goodness, and experiencing the incredible benefits of a product made with care, right here on our farm.

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