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Winter Udder Salve

A winter udder salve has become one of our farm’s weapons when combating frostbite on the teats of our milking herd.  Frostbite prevention is easier than you think.  It easier than dealing with the effects of frostbite… that’s for sure.

We created this winter udder salve after trying other treatment/medicinal salves.  This homemade winter udder salve is a fraction of the cost of others… and it works.  This salve can be adapted to include one or more essential oils for healing.  Not only can this salve be used on dairy udders & teats, but can be used to sooth sore and chapped hands and parts of the face that is damaged due to over exposure to harsh winter elements.

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This DIY winter udder salve is easy to make with only 3-4 ingredients – extra virgin olive oil, shea butter, beeswax and essential oil(s) if desired.


Shea butter & beeswax is from Amazon

EVOO is from Walmart

You can find Dr Sarah’s Savvy Udder Udder Salve here.
We use many of Dr Sarah’s products on our organic farm.

How do you treat frostbite on cow teats?

Teat-end frostbite can become an issue when wind chill temperatures drop below zero. If frostbite is noticed, promptly thaw the tissue with warm water – 105 to 110ºF. Thawing at this warmer temperature is more painful but will result in less tissue damage.

Here is more information of treating frostbite, from J. W. Schroeder, Extension Dairy Specialist, NDSU Extension Service: https://library.ndsu.edu/ir/bitstream/handle/10365/9222/AS1081_1994.pdf


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