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Farm Update – Last Week in February

farm update
The Small Dairy Podcast
Farm Update - Last Week in February

In this episode, Carol is back with another on the farm update for the last week in February

  • 4th week in Feb news
  • Remember: If interested in a Milky butter churn from MilkyDay.com
    • MilkyDay.com is offering a 5% discount to use on their website.  Use the promo code “podcast” at checkout.
  • Carol is back
  • Herd is for sale… or at least a few
  • Family milk cows were sold
  • Goats started kidding – see the video of Facebook
  • Goat milk will be for sale soon
  • We have cows to calf in March
  • Milk sales are going really well
  • Still offer free milk to new customers
  • Let’s talk about farm-fresh butter
  • We’re working closely with our local butcher On The Road Custom Cutting
  • We have 100% grass-fed beef for sale
  • Our freezer needs pork sausage
  • We will be processing 3 hogs – two are already reserved/sold
  • We are looking at partnering with an local egg farm for selling their delicious eggs on our farm for your convenience
  • We sold 2 Highland cattle to some nice folks from Tennessee – 17 hrs away.  Check out Bagby’s Critter Corral

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