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Farm Update – November 27th

farm update
The Small Dairy Podcast
Farm Update – November 27th

In this episode, Carol is back with another on the farm update – November 27th

  • End of November farm news
  • Milky butter churn has arrived from MilkyDay.com
    • MilkyDay.com is offering a 5% discount to use on their website.  Use the promo code “podcast” at checkout.
  • We’re making raw milk butter
  • The calf barn is noisy this week
  • Raw milk sales are growing faster than we anticipated… and that’s a good thing.  Thanks you.
  • Emma calved
  • Sapphire calved too
  • On Thanksgiving, Ambrosia calved as well
  • Changing calf protocols to prevent scours
  • We are still keeping calves in groups
  • The youngest calves are learning to nurse on the milk-bar.
  • We will have beef for sale very soon – ground beef and soup bones
  • Will we go to once-a-day (OAD) milking?  Hmmm  We have options.
  • We are processing milk into cream and cream into delicious butter
  • Would you like to try some FREE farm-fresh butter?
  • We have puppies… they are so cute.  Corgis/Auggies for sale
  • We hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

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