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Unveiling the Potential of Kefir in Cancer Treatment and Prevention

Introduction: Cancer, a devastating disease affecting millions worldwide, continues to be a significant concern in healthcare. While conventional treatments have made great strides, there is a growing interest in exploring complementary and alternative approaches to cancer management. In recent years, kefir, a fermented dairy product, has gained attention for its potential role in cancer treatment

What Is A Herdshare?

We’re getting a lot of questions about our exclusive herdshare agreement. Here is a quick’ish explanation of what a herdshare is. A herd share is an agreement between a farmer and an individual. A person pays a one-time refundable purchase fee to buy a single share in a herd, making them co-owners of the herd

Homemade Whipped Cream Recipe

Our mothers and grandmothers knew how simple this wonderful dessert topping was to make… many of us have never made it. 3 simple ingredients is all you need for a delicious whipped delight. I added a few options to make flavored whipped cream.  Why not live a little and spice it up a bit. I haven’t