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Prairies Edge Raw Milk Dairy’s Intention to Make Whey Protein Powder: A Sustainable Promise

DISCLAIMER: Whey protien powder is not something we can legally sell, currently.  We may, however, be able to offer the making of it (as a custom service) to herdshare owners.  We are working on writing a herdshare agreement for those interested in participating.  This would be similar to a CSA arragement. Hey there! We have

Farm Update – November 8th

In this episode, Carol is back with another on the farm update November 8th Midweek news Aussie Shepherd/Corgi babies Friday heifer calf from Blossom (the cow) Calf warmer Calf care Check out our Facebook page (new pics) Calf born on Saturday Reviewing calf barn history Butter making… How it’s done Shake, shake, shake Butter tastes